I see you ....I see me.... (A Poem)

Submitted by Kristie Johnson, DNP, RN, NP-C

Tags: depression joy poem

I see you ....I see me.... (A Poem)

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I see you thinking….
I see you trying not to let the hurt in. 

I hear you…. The repeated thoughts that do not end.

I saw you… I saw you falling apart again.
I heard you…. Your plan’s being thoughtfully thought out.
I felt you…. I felt your pain.

I see me trying.
I see me praying. 
I see me alone. 
I see me ashamed. 

I feel me …. My battle with depression that doesn’t seem to end. 
I feel me…. Not letting you hurt me again. 
I feel me… feeling strong again. 

Finally, I see me. I saw me. I hear me. I feel me… I am starting to feel my joy once again.