Mental Health Need Assessment Tool

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Mental Health Need Assessment Tool

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Patient assessment is the first step in the nursing process. Assessing for mental illness is necessary in order to provide safe and competent care. Using a tool that incorporates Maslow's hierarchy of needs to assess if a patient feels that their needs are being met or not met is a good first step to begin assessing the mental health status of our patients.

Mental Health Need Assessment Tool

Please Answer Yes or No for each question

Questions 1-6: Assessment of Physiological Needs

1. Are you experiencing shortness of breath?

2. Do you feel you have adequate hydration?

3. Do you feel you have adequate nutrition?

4. Do you sleep sufficient number of hours each night?

5. Do you eliminate both urine and feces regularly?

6. Do you have sexual relations?


Questions 7-13: Assessment of Safety Needs

7. Do you feel safe?

8. Do you experience fear or anxiety?

9. Do you live in safe neighborhood?

10. Do you have a secure job?

11. Do you feel you are in a good position financially for retirement?

12. Do you have sufficient insurance coverage?


Questions 14-19: Assessment of Love & Belonging Needs

13. Do you have close friends?

14. Do you have a significant other?

15. Do you have children?

16. Are you a member of a religious affiliation?

17. Are you a member in a community center, activity or club?

18. Do you feel you respect other people?


Questions 20-25: Assessment of Self-esteem Needs

19. So you respect yourself?

20. Do you feel you have been recognized?

21. Do you want to feel appreciated?

22. Do you feel your reputation is good?

23. Do you feel you are a good person?

24. Do you like who you are?


Key: Add up the number of Yes in each need section. A total of 6 points is possible. Any section with less than 6 points needs to be further explored. All questions with a no response need further exploration.