Quiet Servant - A Poem

Submitted by Deborah J. Camak, MSN, RNC

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Quiet Servant - A Poem

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"Quiet Servant" A poem
Many have waited for several hours with needs that are great and diverse.
They maintain their silence, refusing the comfort of each other while staring blankly at the floor.
A few are engaged in whispered conversations while huddled in the corner with their eyes downcast.
All are seeking help from the only source available to meet their common need.
This small, vulnerable population of many cultures, each with lives of great worth.
Each is a valuable soul wrestling with the scars of illness, robbing their lives of peace.

Their help is in the form of a dedicated servant that they call the community health nurse.
As she gently reaches out, she greets each one with a tender smile and a comforting voice.
With her quiet demeanor, this figure in white touches each life, sharing of herself freely.
She tirelessly seeks to treat each weary soul as if they are the only one.
Soothing their illnesses, calming their fears, armed with compassion, she meets their needs.
In her own way, she shares happiness and gives understanding to those she treats.

Daily, she wages war against the oppression of diseases, suffering, and poverty.
Sharing her knowledge freely, she desires to prosper those in her care.
True to her heart, she has pledged to protect and provide for those entrusted to her.
With ceaseless devotion, she struggles to make her world a better place.
Giving of herself to those less fortunate, she bridges the gap using love and science as her tool.
With the strength of a lion and the heart of a saint, she struggles to save humanity, one life at a time.