RN oncology

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RN oncology

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In nursing, as we all know there are many fields to choose from and each are special in their own way.

Oncology, in a personal opinion, is not just a specialty but a privilege to be a part of. Unfortunately,this group of patients tend to visit the hospital more frequent than others and as a result a special bond is formed with them that can be comforting to not only the patient/family but the staff members as well. Sometimes working with these people can hit close to home in many ways and therefore leaves you grounded as to what is really important in life.

A very rewarding experience it is especially when you get the chance to hear individual stories about these people as you are working with them and get to know who they are as a person.Listening plays a vital role and one skill we can all improve on in this area as we see patients fighting one of their toughest battles in life.

We have come along ways in this field of nursing but still have a ways to go.In the meantime, I hope alot more others can have the opportunity to meet and work in this field as I have had and hope we continue to make more progress in treating this deadly disease as it has inflicted way too many loved ones.