Self Examination of Body: An Effective Measure for Early Detection and Treatment Properly of Cancers among Girls/Women in Rural Area and Slum Area of India

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Self Examination of Body: An Effective Measure for Early Detection and Treatment Properly of Cancers among Girls/Women in Rural Area and Slum Area of India

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Cancer is the one of the scariest and second largest non-communicable disease. It contributes a sizable in the total numbers of deaths. ⁽¹⁾ The World cancer Report, 2003 indicates that cancer rates are set to increase at an alarming rate globally and it would be increased by 50% new cases for the year 2020. ⁽²⁾ In case of India the number is expected to rise seven million by 2015. ⁽³⁾ Ignorance among the public, delayed diagnosis and lack of adequate medical facilities has given it the dubious distribution of being a ‘killer disease’. ⁽4⁾ Only early diagnosis and properly treatment strategies can be prevented the one third of common cancers. ⁽¹⁾

It is the prime matter of concern that the female population at their reproductive age and beyond is badly infected by the disease. The incidence of breast cancer, cervix and ovarian cancer are raising steadily. There are several factors like life style and diets specially among urban women associated with this increasing rate of victimization. ⁽³⁾. But among females of rural and urban slums it speaks another scenario because these female populations has a little scope of self examination of their body which is an effective strategy rather than education, awareness and screening test.

For this purpose of the study it was investigated that rural female populations of West Bengal of varied age groups used to bath at open and common places. They had no privacy and social protection regarding the same. So, their family did not consider it as urgent for female population. In slum area of Kolkata they were in same crisis. The problem of privacy and sufficient space they used to undress with dry dress. They did not self examine their body. But the bathroom is the prime source of early detection of cancer by female. Further, they used to submerge with myth and orthodox regarding their sexuality and sex organs. Even they did not share it with the females.

So, the campaign should be organized for arrangement of private and protected bathrooms for the women in every household. Then education, awareness, knowledge and information regarding early detection, screening test of cancer would be fruitful to tackle it with its increasing rate of incidences.


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