The Superhero in You

Submitted by Sarah Mensa-Kwao Cook RN, BSN

Tags: advocate encouragement

The Superhero in You

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The Superhero in you, dresses up for success. Therefore, put on the full Armor of Nursing so you can withstand the chaos of the day, and having done all, to stand firm.

  • The badge of righteousness; a title given to you as an ambassador and with this great power comes great responsibility
  • The shoes of truth, to be able to guide your patients in the right path
  • The helmet of the principle/teaching of nursing; remember heart-head-heart
  • The stethoscope of seeing beyond the surface, to be an advocate for your patients
  • The cape of strength, to be able to endure all the unfavorable words of the day
  • Above all else, take up the shield of love and understanding because everyday circumstances will test your patience.

The day might be long (12 plus) and overwhelming, but remember you never stand alone on duty. For in this great city (hospital), there are many superheroes with different abilities, ONLY together can we withstand the chaos of the day.