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Journal of Nursing : Emergency

  • The Far Reaching Impact of a Child
    Michelle Gosselin, RN, CEN
    Emergency care of pediatric patients leaves a deep impact to nurses career and lives. When these young lives are altered or end, how is the profession caring for the nurses left behind. This article explores the need for awareness and support during these trying times to return the nurse back to wellness.
  • One Day, One Shift, One Year
    Maria Hatter, RN, BSN, CCRN
    Nurse's experience of delivering a baby in the restroom of an ED.
  • Not Just Another Day
    Kimberly Heister
    Brief story about helping someone say goodbye and knowing their loved one was cared for.
  • Family Presence During CPR in the Emergency Department 
    Amanda L. Buisman, RN, BSN Washburn University School of Nursing
    A descriptive survey conducted in 2000 (Myers, et al 2000) investigated attitudes and beliefs of patients’ families and ER staff members about FWR. The survey reported that 98% of patients’ families indicated that they had a right to be present and would do it and would participate in FWR again; 100% of family members said that FWR was helpful to them, and 95% said it was helpful for the patient. It also showed that 70% of professionals surveyed after their participation in FWR actually produced a higher level of “professional” behavior along with a more “professional” bedside dialog amongst the health care team. The survey also indicated that having the family in the resuscitation room prompted the staff to take the patient’s dignity, privacy, and need for pain management into greater consideration when compared to an un-witnessed resuscitation effort. (Myers, et al 2000)
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