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Nurses Eat Their Young; An Insight Into Systematic Hazing and its Implications on Patient Care

Shelby Leahy

[email protected]

I am a nursing student that worked as a CNA for six years. I was inspired to write this from my own experiences that I have encountered while working in the field of nursing. Cont'd

Retro-Clival Hematoma In The Pediatric Emergency Department

Richard. Pearson

[email protected]

An unusual presentation of Retro-clival hematoma in the pediatric population Cont'd

Rapid Response Team to the Rescue

Marina E. Bitanga BSN, RN, CCRN

[email protected]

Rapid response team purpose is to initiate immediate measures before patient deteriorates further and to educate the staff on activating the staff the Rapid response team Cont'd

Impact of Language Barriers on Patient Safety

Eva Vega-Gamez Stephanie Dumesle Jinsol Kim Mayara Silva Edith Claros, PhD MSN RN

[email protected]

This paper discusses how linguistic differences can contribute to patient adverse outcomes and the role of health care providers in mitigating the impact. Cont'd

Perioperative Fasting Guidelines as it relates to ERAS Protocol: Exploring Existing Modalities

Sarah Mensa-Kwao Cook

[email protected]

For the longest time, any procedure requiring anesthesia was accompanied with perioperative instructions mandating a fast from midnight until the surgery. However, anyone that’s lived long enough has learned to understand that just because something has been done for a long time, it doesn’t mean it should be done for the rest of time. With technological advances and improvements in research, medical practices and patient instructions should evolve. Here, we’ll explore the rationale behind the old modality as it pertains to preoperative care and instructions, what’s changed in research and technology, and finally, what new modalities should be learned, taught, and implemented. Cont'd

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