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Journal of Nursing : Sex

  • Preventative Community Health Improvement plan
    Wendy Blatchley RN
    Preventative community health improvement plan to reduce the number of cases of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).
  • Effectiveness of Sexual Health Promotion in Adolescents
    Larissa McLaughlin, BSN Eleanor Broer, BSN
    The authors illustrate the importance of sexual health promotion in the adolescent population through school-wide and community based efforts through a literature review composed of peer-reviewed, primary sources.
  • Promoting the Sexual Health of Older People
    Patricia MacGabbann
    This paper examines the issue of sexual health and older people. It identifies sexual health in this population group as a component of health that is often overlooked. As a practitioner of Gerontological Nursing, the author seeks to determine why this is and what can be done about promoting sexual health for this population group. Initially health promotion and sexuality are defined before outlining the rationale for the choice of this topic. Incorporated into the discussion is the acknowledgement that this is an area requiring significant development for all older people, regardless of sexual orientation, that in fact the need for health promotion for older gay and lesbian people may be a more pressing issue overall. Having outlined the need for health promotion, a number of strategies are introduced. Relatively little research into this specific issue has been conducted thus health promotion strategies in more broad terms are discussed.
  • A Man Apart 
    by Joan M. Fenske, R.N., M.S., D.N.Sc.
    The idea of individuals with developmental disabilities becoming sexually active was disconcerting. Imagine having a daughter with disabilities, with limited cognitive comprehension, how could you protect her from tragic sexual encounters? Past abuses were common as institutionalized women were sterilized without consideration of their basic human rights.
  • A Rise of Syphilis in Niagara County 
    By Khalifah L. Glover, RN, Student Nurse State University of New York at Buffalo School of Nursing
    Sexual behavior patterns of some who are infected with Syphilis make it likely that their sexual partners will become infected, and that in turn the sexual partners of their partners will also become infected, with ever-increasing spread.
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