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Journal of Nursing : Knowledge

  • Women’s knowledge regarding preventive measures of Food Poisoning in Khartoum, Sudan
    Waled Amen Mohammed Ahmed
    The objective of this article is to assess the mothers' knowledge regarding preventive measures of food poisoning in Khartoum. This is a descriptive, cross-sectional study; it was conducted in Alemtidad area during period extended from September to December 2012, it involved 88 mothers selected by convenience. Data were collected by using designed questionnaire then analyzed by (SPSS). It was found that; mothers’ knowledge about preventive measures for food poisoning is satisfactory concerning; hand washing, washing vegetables and cooking appropriately. The economic status, level of education, and housing condition are not predicting factors influencing level of mothers’ knowledge about food poisoning. The mothers in Khartoum have acceptable level of knowledge about food poisoning. There is need for strengthening the situation through education sessions
  • Master vs. Apprentice 
    Lauren Golding, BScN Year 4 University of Ottawa/Algonquin College
    It has come to my recent attention that there is a large deficit in mentoring new graduate nurses as they enter the workforce. The development of healthy working relationships for new graduate nurses is something that is overlooked. Everyone had to have that first day on the unit or in the office when they felt scared and vulnerable. I ask you now to reflect back on your first day and how you were treated.
  • The Importance of Communication and Education toward Patient Literacy: 
    The Importance of Communication and Education toward Patient Literacy: The Relationship of Functional Health and Patient’s Knowledge of Their Chronic Disease and Metabolic Disorder Part Two: The Importance of Understanding Hypertension… by Gary D. Goldberg, PhD Clinical Professor of Medical Education Angeles College of Nursing, Los Angeles, Ca.
    The aging populations in the U.S. with ‘Essential’ Hypertension are showing inadequate health literacy, plus its impact on patients with idiopathic chronic diseases such as type II, adult onset Diabetes Mellitus are makeable. To identify among patients with hypertension and/or with diabetes the relationship between their functional health literacy levels, and the role of the registered nurse as communicator and educator.
  • UN Noticed 
    UN noticed by Berkley Carter Nurse Manager Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center Winston-Salem, N.C.
    it takes more than the knowledge of degrees can provide. It takes the UN noticed hero, our nursing assistant.
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