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Journal of Nursing : Elderly

  • Eating Disorder among Elderly Causing Heart Attack in Post Retirement Life
    Harasankar Adhikari
    In the era of globalization growing elderly faces multifaceted problems range from absence of ensured and sufficient income to support themselves and their dependents, to ill-health, absence of social security, loss of social role and recognition, and non-availability of opportunities for creative use of free time in all societies of India in their post retirement. In developed countries population ageing substantially shifted in social programmes.
  • Malnutrition in the Elderly: An Unrecognized Health Issue 
    by Danielle Maher, Student Nurse and Carol Eliadi EdD, JD, APRN, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Worcester MA
  • Preventing Falls in the Elderly Long Term Care Facilities 
    Preventing Falls in the Elderly Long Term Care Facilities Rebecca McCarthy, MSN, RN-BC, CDONA Catherine W. Adedokun, MSN, RN Roseanne Moody Fairchild, PhD, RN
    The elderly long-term care population is at increase risk for falls and fall related injuries. The implementation of a fall prevention program is important for ensuring resident safety. Systematically assessing residents’ risk for falls and implementing appropriate fall prevention interventions can reduce the number of falls in the elderly long-term care residents.
  • Relationships among the Elderly: The Effects on One’s Health and Psychosocial Well Being 
    People can get lonely, so dating for seniors could be a great boost for their psychological well being. Relationships among the Elderly: The Effects on One’s Health and Psychosocial Well Being by Mary Tencza, RN, BSN Graduate of Drexel University
    Advances in medicine are allowing many adults to live longer lives than previous generations. In fact, the elderly population is becoming one of the largest growing sectors of the present population. Recently, researchers have begun studying what factors contribute to successful aging. These studies are showing that the impact of family and social relationships plays an important part in one’s health and psychosocial well being.
  • Smoking Cessation Education in the Elderly 
    Smoking Cessation Education in the Elderly by Jennifer Gerhardt, Student Nurse Tammy L. Stuart MS, RN Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
    The role of the professional nurse as direct care provider and educator is pivitol in providing clients with the information and support necessary to facilitate smoking cessation and improve client health outcomes.
  • The Significance of the Missed Assessment: HIV/AIDS in the Older Adult 
    by Sarah L. Jameson, Student Nurse Carol A. Eliadi EdD, JD, APRN Assistant Dean and Associate Professor, School of Nursing Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
    The health care system has faced many struggles related to the understanding the HIV virus and in caring for those affected and likely to be affected by this life threatening communicable disease.
    Tags: HIV, AIDS, elderly
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